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GeSHi finally packaged

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I know it’s about two months now, but I finally got around to do the last steps that were missing for GeSHi Packaging it 😉

But well, actually there’s a bit more to it, than just zipping some files together. And so I enjoyed the new gadget by Christian Weiske that helps alot with bundling the files and moving them onto the SourceForge File Release System – even though I still had to move them around a bit this time.

For all those that didn’t notice GeSHi to be released (i.e. tagged in SVN on 22nd July at 3:14:15 p.m.) yet here’s a small summary on the changes:

  • Nine new language files
  • Improved Number Highlighting support and additional pre-defined patterns
  • Some utility functions to query known/supported languages directly from GeSHi (without hacking it yourself)
  • Improvements to some existing language files like SQL

The download can be found on the GeSHi project page at SourceForge as usual now.

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  1. really cool!

    And I propose move Geshi repo to github

    Kommentar by Koc — 23.09.2010 @ 21:08:01

  2. There are several reasons to not move GeSHi over to GitHub even thou I have an account there:

    There’s no real parallelization that could be done in developement
    The repository structure is quite complex in regards to the tags you’d need to move over
    If you really wanted to use Git, you could do so already now; you’d just need to ask for commit access on the SVN side OR provide me with the patches

    Kommentar by BenBE — 24.09.2010 @ 12:22:26

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