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GeSHi is on its way

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Many people might have noticed, and even though I didn’t do that many public announcements of this yet, GeSHi is still under developement and a new version is coming near its completion soon – hopefully. The reason I mention this is, that some distributions – like Debian – haven’t updated to the available packages yet even though (at least in the case of Debian) I notified them of at least one intermediate release. Well, probably they only look onto pretty homepages to determine the news instead of watching the code. So well, here’s some news for you all.

First of: The latest stable GeSHi release is with under heavy work. Currently I’m waiting for 2 more language files to get fixed/reworked for inclusion and have yet some more changes I wish to include flying around my desk. Thus at the time of this announcement it is unlikely to know when the final version of will be ready. But one detail can be said already: while there will be many new languages and some more improvements to language files there will probably be no actual parser change this time. As of this writing 11 languages have already been added to the release with at least two more waiting.

Some other notable fact I guess most of you might have missed is the release of the GeSHi 1.1.2a5 developement version. This version is part of the full rewrite of the GeSHi engine and now supports Pango-formatted output of source in addition to the various other formats already supported. Even though there have only been little changes to the Developement strand work on it is continuing and the redesign and reimplementation of the full API as known from the stable GeSHi versions will take place soon.

Oh, BTW: Be sure to check the SVN repository for latest versions. Release time is the time when a specific release is tagged there as I’m often not that much up to packaging things right away. But well: If I get around to it there might be some DEB packages from me soon once I manage to get the build environment set up properly without too much hassle when building the packages – but don’t expect any particular schedule on this one.

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  1. Hello!

    What do you think about moving GeSHi repo to Github? Maybe development will go faster (because another contributors will join to the project).

    Kommentar von Koc — 03.05.2010 @ 15:41:58

  2. Having multiple points where source is managed usually is a bad idea. This is especially true if there’s an existing infrastructure and only few developers are using it. Thus, even though I know of Git and GitHub, and I quite like them, I will not switch there.

    But if you like: git-svn clone the Repository, do your changes locally and provide me with the patches git writes. That’s not hard to do and helps alot. If enough patches of good quality arrive I might consider providing direct SVN access. But it ain’t like granting this privilege to everyone.

    Kommentar von BenBE — 09.05.2010 @ 02:42:16

  3. Just to let you know: Maybe that is because you announced „GeSHi Released“ on your website but Sourceforge geshi- as latest. Can you provide the new version somewhere as package? Until then I’ll try the sourcecode repository version if I find it.

    Kommentar von Simpletude — 19.05.2010 @ 14:48:10

  4. Simpletude is right. Or, maybe I’m blind, but I’m not able to find a download link for GeSHi! Thx.

    Kommentar von Robbie — 21.05.2010 @ 11:42:44

  5. I’m not up-to-date with packaging yet. As mentioned in the post, the release versions are tagged in the SVN at SourceForge. Just SVN Checkout of this link gives you the release. Packaging will follow in a few days.

    Kommentar von BenBE — 21.05.2010 @ 11:53:55

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