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GeSHi 1.1.X on ANSI terminals

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Quite unexpectedly a hint to continue work on GeSHi 1.1.X arrived a few days ago when Christian Weiske came into #GeSHi on Freenode. After a short introduction he posted a screenshot of Source output using a new renderer class he wrote for highlighting source in man pages. His renderer uses a lot of PEAR functionality to do the color coding, but integrates nicely with the current developement branch anyways.

Given this new developement I won’t stall developement neither and fulfill my promise to put some work into this too. Issues that need urgent attension in the developement branch are the context handling, styling and style information handling – which will be goals for the next two dev releases. To get the spare time to do this the next stable release of the 1.0.X series will probably a bit later, independend of the 2 months release cycle I usually try to achieve.

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  1. Sorry for my bad english and for what i am ask you in this blog, but i must ask you about next:
    How i may use GeSHi with „mbstring.func_overload = 7“ parameter in php.ini. May be I use GeSHi bad, but GeSHi is not correctly work with this parameter. What can i do with this problem? I am try do next:

    $Highlighter = new GeSHi(mb_convert_encoding($this->_sCode, 'ASCII', 'UTF-8'), $this->_sCodeName);
    return mb_convert_encoding($Highlighter->parse_code(), 'UTF-8', 'ASCII');

    GeSHi work correct. But when i replace ‚ASCII‘ with ‚cp1251‘ it can’t work with chars above 127, if I correctly understand GeSHi work. And I need cp1251 encoding.
    Help me please. Yours faithfully, Konstantin.

    Kommentar by Konstantin — 15.06.2009 @ 22:05:15

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