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Last steps towards GeSHi

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Hi guys,

I know it’s been quite a bit since the last release of GeSHi and even though there’s been some confusion about what the most recent version actually was, I’ll probably lighten up the confusion a bit and present some good news to all of you who are waiting for some of the most recently included language files. But first things first.

When I recently got some contribution for a new language file I had quite some trouble. Not only was the language file, despite the really easy format, anything but syntactically correct, but also did it contain quite some logical mistakes which could have been avoided reading the fine documentation. But a word on the documentation later. Anyway I asked him then to pass his language file throuh langcheck which is a standard procedure (I’ll do this with everybody if my local check fails to pass that test). Often the errors reported by langcheck are quite trivial to fix but even then it’s better to have them fixed „upstream“ by the author of the language file as he usually knows best if a keyword should be grouped in group X or Y. And here comes the version problem again: Even though GeSHi has been updated on SourceForge everytime an update was released what wasn’t updated was the reference to the „recommended files“ to download for the various platforms located tat the main project page. So people who just clicked the download button at SourceForge ended up getting GeSHi If you went to the files section though you properly found GeSHi version including the signatures for the release. And as I usually goto files directly I usually ignore that button almost entirely, thus never noticing this issue. But as the guy with this language file reported he got that ancient version „just today“ from SourceForge I investigated and fixed the issue. You should now get the right version offered to you when visiting the SF page of GeSHi.

With this issue out of the way there’s still Debian who STILL believes the most recent version is Hey guys, it’s not even anymore as it was when I notified you about being late over one year ago, but (I guess I mentioned this already): So get your asses up over there! If Debian isn’t up-to-date in two weeks I probably have an idea on how to get them to update GeSHi. But can’t give any details yet; I’ll notify you in time.

Remains another issue: The documentation has been at for quite some time. This wasn’t a big issue in itself as it still was up-to-date in regards to its contents but this was nonetheless some point of confusion. So even though I just updated the docs; don’t bother reading it again if you had read it carefully before: There’s nothing changed, except for 1 email-address and to lines of copyright to cover the years 2009-2012. And since generating the documentation is usually a somewhat annoying step I usually skip this if there’s nothing changed.

So after all that „which version are we actually at?“ a small „Howto find the latest GeSHi?“:

  • Goto the GeSHi Homepage and have a look at the left column. It tells you there in friendly bold letters.
  • Have a look at the news section on the same page: Usually the most recent news post will not only tell you the most recent version in its headline, but also what has changed.
  • Have a look at the version define in the SVN trunk for the main geshi.php. It will tell you.
  • Another place where to look is the tags subfolder in the SVN: Releases are tagged there by version number.

And if you really are unsure about the latest GeSHi version there’s always the various mailing lists you can ask for the latest release version. Really, just in case! 😉

Apropos releases: GeSHi has been out for quite a while now and there have been some more or less important fixes that accumulated in the repository since then. I’m sorry about the new release being overdue for quite some time now and I’m working on it, but I can’t give an exact release date yet. As of now there’s only one (somewhat bigger) issue with one language file left which is currently failing the langcheck. Another language file is not included yet but is also failing langcheck and therefore probably will not be included in this release. I’m working on resolving the remaining issue and will be releasing everything hopefully as soon as time permits. The next version will be (you probably guessed by now) called and will contain quite some changes.

That’s it for now.

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