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Some updates on developement

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Many might have wondered why there hasn’t been any official release for quite some time and well, that’s a somewhat complicated story to tell. But let’s start with the easy parts. (more…)

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Templating in 1000 Lines of Code

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Ich weiß, es gibt bereits viele Templater, aber die meisten scheitern entweder an einfachsten Aufgaben, oder sind zu überdimensioniert oder anderweitig zu Speziell für bestimmte Anforderungen. Daher mein Einwurf für die Diskussion um einen Templater: das Projekt 1kLOC Templater ist ein Versuch, einen flexiblen, performanten, aber gleichzeitig kleinen Templater zu schreiben. (more…)

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Again some parser tweaking

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After contained a somehow major update on the parser (I reordered the processing of keywords, numbers and regexps) the next Release Candidate ( will contain yet another minor reordering as I noticed a small problem with Delphi. As always I’m hereby asking you to test this new release candidate once it is out and report any issues you find to me. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can always have a look at the trunk where these changes already have been applied. (more…)

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GeSHi a bit later

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Due to heavy workload on my side, including moving to a new server the upcoming release of GeSHi will probably come out a bit later. Current estimation is mid-March but I’m trying to do my best to get it out as soon as possible.

This has become necessary as my old provider had the brilliant idea of requesting more money for as little performance as you are experiencing right now on this server. That’s why I’m switching to a new server during the course of the next 14 days. I hope moving the DNS goes as smoothly as the last time so you won’t have to wait for the site to be back up again.

During this time mails to my server will probably arrive delayed but I’m trying to keep delays as little as necessary.

And now on to a second thing I got notified of: Recent versions of libpcre seem to have problems with long matches inside repeating alternation groups. For more detaails see the bug report from Milian. Until they fix this issue upstream you might want to downgrade to an earlier version of libpcre (on Win libpcre 7.3 2007-08-28 takes long, but doesn’t crash) or comment out line 1080 and 1081 in the PHP language file (but you’ll loose the more precise PHP block detecktion).

This much for now. I’m open for your comments!

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