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Possible rework on the GeSHi parser waiting for review

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As announced earlier here’s some external work by Simon Gábor that might get into the GeSHi core IF I can get enough confidence in those changes to work properly and don’t cause any major regressions – which I currently lack nor can confirm by reviewing this patch. (more…)

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GeSHi trapped in congestion of packaging pipeline

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Hi folks,

maybe some of you already noticed, but there has already been an release of GeSHi about a month ago. If you now wonder why there is no download yet: Well, there was no time for packaging it yet, thus the only way for now is to grab the RELEASE_1_0_8_9 tag from the GeSHi SVN.

Again there are quite some changes in the release thus don’t forget to read the changelog to fetch ‚em all 😉

The next steps in getting the release out will be a small revise of a PHING release script by cweiske at the IRC channel, that aims to automate some of the stuff that has to be done for packaging, even though not necessary when just doing the tagging part of the releases. Just in case you wondered why actually packaging takes so long 😉

There will be a kinda preview of the next GeSHi release for sometime soon for all the changes that already got integrated so far. Mostly this affects a lot of new language files and changes to existing ones but minor patches to the LangCheck script are waiting too. To grab it just have a look at the RELEASE_STABLE branch at the GeSHi SVN; updates will go there. Currently I’m still trying to reduce the backlog of mails that accumulated, But I’m mostly done with it.

There’s one somewhat bigger patch still waiting in the pipeline that addresses an issue with „highlight-within-highlighted“ situations but due to major changes to the parser this patch introduces I didn’t review it yet. But more on this in another post.

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A brief overview on Syntax Highlighting

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The following is part of a weekly column by Ido Gendel for the Israeli online magazine, which he allowed me to publish in its English translation in my blog. Besides a short history of syntax highlighting it also covers a short interview which we made by mail. Happy reading! (more…)

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Regular Expression Highlighting

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I just found some feature request asking nicely for some regular expression highlighting support in GeSHi. And since I can’t deny any requests that are by nature to lead to obscure code: Here it is 😉 (more…)

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GeSHi is on its way

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Many people might have noticed, and even though I didn’t do that many public announcements of this yet, GeSHi is still under developement and a new version is coming near its completion soon – hopefully. The reason I mention this is, that some distributions – like Debian – haven’t updated to the available packages yet even though (at least in the case of Debian) I notified them of at least one intermediate release. Well, probably they only look onto pretty homepages to determine the news instead of watching the code. So well, here’s some news for you all. (more…)

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Styling GeSHi output

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When highlighting source for your website you often want to make it use a common style accross languages or want to provide multiple themes for one language. In this short howto I want to give some details on how you can actually do this. (more…)

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Some updates on developement

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Many might have wondered why there hasn’t been any official release for quite some time and well, that’s a somewhat complicated story to tell. But let’s start with the easy parts. (more…)

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GeSHi and non-latin charsets

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I recently got some people asking me on how to work with GeSHi if using non-latin charsets like cp1251 or CJK encodings. GeSHi 1.0.X itself doesn’t care much about charsets and thus there’s no beautiful way to work with them. But limited support for UTF-8 is built-in and thus can be used. (more…)

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GeSHi 1.1.X on ANSI terminals

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Quite unexpectedly a hint to continue work on GeSHi 1.1.X arrived a few days ago when Christian Weiske came into #GeSHi on Freenode. After a short introduction he posted a screenshot of Source output using a new renderer class he wrote for highlighting source in man pages. His renderer uses a lot of PEAR functionality to do the color coding, but integrates nicely with the current developement branch anyways.

Given this new developement I won’t stall developement neither and fulfill my promise to put some work into this too. Issues that need urgent attension in the developement branch are the context handling, styling and style information handling – which will be goals for the next two dev releases. To get the spare time to do this the next stable release of the 1.0.X series will probably a bit later, independend of the 2 months release cycle I usually try to achieve.

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Language files without PHP knowledge

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There have been repeatedly about if it was possible to create a kinda like language file editor for GeSHi language files and given there are quite some requests – and a bunch of users without the basic PHP knowledge I decided on giving it a try. (more…)

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